RDC 2014

On 8 – 10th May 2014, about 3,500 people from 20 countries of 3 continents converged at CITAM Valley Road for what has been described as the most successful conference in the recent times. This was the not the usual motivational- like conference that we are used to. The theme was Multiplying Authentic Disciples: Where Do We Go From Here. It was all about walking the ancient path, discipleship. The greatest thrill was to see believers including the clergy from various denominations united for this one call, discipleship. Many delegates went away with a clear mind on ‘where to go from here.”

The Conference

High level plenary sessions, workshops, worship extravaganza, prayer junctions, and reflection moments all kept the delegates wanting to pitch tent and stay on.

  1. Plenary Sessions

Rev. Edmund Chan from the Intentional Disciple-Making Church (IDMC), Singapore and his wife Pastor Ann Chan, brought a fresh message from the Oriental. They covered the following foundational themes of discipleship:

  1. The seven marks of radical discipleship,
  2. Creating a discipleship environment,
  3. Cultivating a discipleship culture,
  4. Embracing a discipleship philosophy, and
  5. Empowering a discipleship movement

These themes ignited the fire for discipleship among the delegates. The scope of this report cannot allow us to highlight the numerous feedback we received from the delegates; however we sampled a few and this is what they had to say:

“…the speakers based their message on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit (using) real life testimonies…” “…the teachings were impactful and simple yet deep…” “…well-chosen topics…” “…well researched and inspirational teachings by Rev and Mrs. Chan…” “…practical, clear and relevant teachings…” “…simplified discipleship concepts…” and “…basic and simple Bible applications…”

The delegates’ workbook enabled the participants to follow the teachings easily.

The organizing committee was particularly moved by the feedback from one of the international delegates who said he was touched by the “care that was accorded to the international delegates”.

Pastor Esayas Ersabo, the leader of the 31- strong team from Ethiopia, epitomized the spirit of the conference, “RDC-2014 flashed enlightenment to us to realize that this is the time that African Churches should be ready to be heard publicly and her writings are read loudly. We would like to thank you so much, IDMC and CITAM (who put your hands together to organize RDC-2014), for challenging us to maximize our potential”.

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